Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your City Year Application

Our November 15th (Next Monday!) deadline is fast approaching... Below you will find some tips on how to help your application stand out above the rest.

 Top 5 Ways to Improve Your City Year Application:

#5. Relevant Recommendations Are Key. When selecting people to write your recommendation it is important to select people from fields that are relevant to the work that City Year does. Choosing someone to write your reference whom you’ve worked with in volunteerism and service or an education capacity is a good way to show that you have already been involved in and are committed in the long-term to education and national service.

#4. Discuss your Personal History. Similar to relevant recommendations, it is important to only choose employment and volunteer history that is relevant to City Year such as, education, volunteerism, and team work. This is a great area to write your involvement in fraternities and sororities, sports, student clubs, and organizations. Writing that you were involved in Alternative Spring Break for a week says more about you than writing that you worked at a fast food chain for a summer.

#3. Work on your Essays. It’s important to plan out your essay. Composition is key. Lay out an essay draft and include all the important information. Why are you joining City Year? How can you help City Year, and in turn City Year help you? Remember that your essays are reviewed along with your interview and recommendations and it’s important that they are equally as strong as the rest of your application.

#2. Do Your Research. As with every job application and interview, don’t go in without knowing about the job and organization you are applying to. Read the website and the information you are sent in advance. Call your local City Year site to ask questions and have questions ready to ask during your interview.

#1. Practice Interviewing. The interview is often the only time where you have the chance to speak up for yourself and your candidacy for a position. In this small window of time you have to peak the interest of the interviewer and distinguish yourself form the next applicant. Have a friend ask you interview questions to prepare and get critiqued. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Feel free to call your local City Year Site and ask for more tips regarding your application.

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