Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall into Festivals with City Year Washington, DC

In honor of all the hard work their students had been putting into the first month of Starfish Corps, The Acacia Group Team serving at Francis-Stevens Education Campus put on their first ever Fall Festival, a
fun-filled hour of Halloween-themed carnival activities.

The City Year Washington, DC Acacia Group Team Serving at Francis Stevens

Held in the Francis-Stevens cafeteria, the Fall Festival had several activities to get students in the Halloween spirit. Stations included a “freeze dancing” competition to spooky songs, “Pin the Sticker on the Witch,” and a “Mummy Wrap Race,” where one brave student volunteered to be mummified in toilet paper. More classic carnival activities included face painting and “Throw a Ball at Soda Cans and See If You Can Knock Them All Down."

Corps members were intimately involved in planning and running the event and Team Leader Doug O’Hara was “very proud of all the work [his] team put into it, and [they] definitely got the results [they] were looking for,” which was a crowd of students with smiles on their faces.

The Fall Festival was held on October 26th and in partnership with DC READS

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