Tuesday, November 2, 2010

City Year Starfish

By Lindsay Gray Corps Member serving on the CSX Team and Turner Elementary School

Today is Starfish day! I work with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in an after-school program called Starfish, in which is run like a mini City Year corps for the students who participate. We do PT (physical training) with them, and talk to them about age-appropriate issues like leadership and the importance of being good students.

I work with kindergarteners all day long and Starfish gives me the opportunity to work with some older kids. Today, we are introducing Starfish opening day, which is like City Year's opening day, just smaller. The kids will perform PT, led by five of their peers, recite the "Starfish pledge," and do some other fun things to prepare them for an awesome year of Starfish Corps. Getting the kids excited about after school programming is hard sometimes  but I'm hoping that giving them something they can take ownership of will help them to get involved. Although I work with 3-5 graders, Starfish Opening Day is for all of the Starfish corps, 1-5 grades. I am so excited to watch the students do PT and the skits is going to be so cute and fun!

The Turner at Green Starfish Opening Day is going to be held at Turner at Green Elementary School on November 4 at 5:15. Check back later for a recap!

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