Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its a bird...its a plane...its Civic Heroes

For the first time in CYDC's illustrious history, the Civic Engagement and Young Heroes teams have joined forces to become an unstoppable force in the service world. Called the CSX Civic Heroes Team, our team engages both students (on the Young Heroes side) and community members (on the Civic Engagement side) in meaningful service learning projects.

The Civic Engagement teamlet is comprised of corps members Ashley, Clint, Jenna, Rashad and Whitney. We are advised by our fearless team leader Daniel and project leader Evan. Our team works to plan and execute large scale physical transformation projects all over the DC area. This year, we are very focused on engaging the communities we are serving in. At Make A Difference Day (our most recent project), we hosted a service expo where 8 local non-profits presented information to corps members and volunteers; it was an awesome success!

The Civic Engagement teamlet has already engaged more than 300 external volunteers and we have even more upcoming volunteer opportunities for our December 4th service day and, of course, MLK Jr. Day! We're hoping to grow on the success we've already had and plan some of the best service our nation's capital has ever seen.

Corps members Adina, Danielle, Michael and Trina make up the Young Heroes teamlet and are guided wisely by team leaders Craig and Janae. They are currently recruiting middle school students for the Young Hero program. The students will meet a total of 16 Saturdays from December through May. They will learn about an important issue in the morning (such as hunger or homelessness) and will do a related service in the afternoon. The students get the opportunity to meet children from other schools in the DC/Maryland/Virgina(DMV) area, rack up over 100 hours of community service and perform meaningful service for their communities!

The Young Heroes teamlet has been in contact with over 100 schools (public, private and charter) all over the DMV area to make recruitment presentations. They've made presentations at over 25 schools and are still accepting applications! More than 20 previous Young Heroes volunteered at Make A Difference Day. They had a great time serving and it was a joy to see them bond with corps members.

Our awesome team and project leaders (Daniel, Evan, Janae and Craig) are senior corps members, which means it is actually their second year in City Year. That's right, they loved service so much they decided to come back for another go! They are an extremely dedicated bunch; it is with their organization and leadership that we are able to accomplish everything we do.

I bet you're thinking to yourself, "Hey Self, this team sounds awesome! I wonder if I can get involved!" Well, not to worry! We'd love to hear from you. If you or someone you know is a middle school aged student interested in the Young Heroes program (or if you or someone you know is aged 18 or older and interested in being a Young Heroes team leader), please contact Janae (jeason10@cityyear.org) or Craig (ctinker10@cityyear.org). If you want more information about volunteering or getting more involved with one of our service days, please contact Daniel (dlawson10@cityyear.org).

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