Monday, November 22, 2010

Squashing the Squishy...My Favorite PITW

By Gabby Fish serving at Stanton Elementary School

Even during some of the toughest days on the job, there's one PITW that often comes to mind and allows me to take the action neccessary to find a solution in a difficult situation.

Putting Idealism To Work #66: Do Three Squishy Things a Day
 You know you are truely leading when you do at least three things a day that make you uncomfortable

When I first started City Year, nearly everything seemed to be a "squishy moment." From learning how to do PT moves during Basic Training Academy, to having to wear a uniform everyday for the first time in my life. There were many times I was pushed far beyond my comfort zone.

Corps Members learning how to do PT at
Basic Traning Academy.
 Ever since starting our service in school, however, those once squishy times at Basic Training Academy harden in comparison. At school, squishy moments for me sometimes happen on a much more personal level, and usually when dealing with students behaviorally or academically.

A thought came to me today, and in my four months of service thus far, it seems to hold true: I learn the most from my experiences which are the "squishiest" of them all. What was once squishy, like learning all the PT moves, is now comfortable, and what is right now squishy, like calling a student's parents about their behavior in class, will one day also be comfortable. Keep challenging yourself and pushing your limits. Stepping into the "squish" at least three times a day is definitely the best and fastest way to grow.

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