Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet David S.!

David S.
Corps member serving on Heroes

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Education: Some college at Temple University

What team are you on and what do you do? I am on the Young Heroes Team. As part of the Young Heroes Team I will coordinate and lead a service-learning and leadership development program for middle school children throughout the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. I serve as the Team Leader recruitment officer and am also in charge of the Roots of Violence, and Roots of Poverty themed service learning days.

Why did you join City Year and why do you serve? I joined City Year because the opportunity to serve fell in my lap at the right time. I was a very unhappy college student, in need of a good way to spend a year off from school. I wanted to motivate myself to continue my education, and in a future career path. City Year provided me a great way to spend a year from school, by giving me the chance to work in a new city, make new friends, and engage youth of all ages in a fun year of service.
I serve for the simple reason that I can. I have been blessed with many gifts throughout my life and I feel that it is an obligation to give back. I also serve because I love helping people and making people smile. I serve for urban youth because I wish someone would have been there for me. I want more and more urban youth to "change their stars" and go to college and be successful.
What are you most excited about this year? I am excited for everyday this year. Everyday I walk in with a smile, and try to make everyone I come into contact with feel the same. I am also excited to return to school one day and the career field to use the experience from this year in my life.

What are you most nervous about this year? I am not really nervous for this year. But I am nervous for other people. I want everyone to have the best year possible.

What is something most people don’t know about you and wouldn’t guess? I really love celery and peanut butter!

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