Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet Adria!

Adria Anderson

Civic Leadership Project Leader

Hometown: Detroit, MI by way of Charlotte, NC

Education: Howard University Alumnae

What is your position and what do you do here at CYDC? I am the Civic Leadership Project Leader. I schedule and plan trainings for the first year Corps Members as well as Leadership Development Days.

What did you do last year? As a first year Corps Member I planned, recruited, and lead volunteers in a day of transformative service. I served on the CSX Civic Engagement Team. My teammates and I organized 10 physical service projects within the DC community.

Why did you come back to serve at City Year? City Year has made me look at service in a new light and encouraged me to share my joy of service with others. I came back because I realized I needed to continue to serve my community.

Tell me a short story about your favorite moment in service? One of my favorite moments in City Year was seeing my team’s Martin Luther King, Jr Tribute mural in Southeast DC. My team spent about 3 weeks working in a cold warehouse in Northeast. After many long hours and a few breakdowns my team successfully finished our mural that is located on the corner of Good Hope and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd in Southeast DC. When we all saw the finish product we took pictures beside it and admired our work. Only a few of my teammates remained in DC after our year of service, but every time I pass by our mural I am reminded of my team and how we were a dysfunctional family. I talk to at least 3 of them twice a week and will never forget all that we accomplished together.

What is something most people don’t know about you and wouldn’t guess? I have a sock fetish!

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