Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Work in Schools at a Glance!

Charlotte tweeted her day serving here at City Year DC on one of our Whole School Whole Child teams! Follow us on Twitter for more!

7:15 AM
Waiting at the bus stop with my amazing teammates... Shajena and Charisse :)
7:26 AM
Waiting for the red line. I love doing the sudoku from the express!
7:38 AM
On the green line now. I love being able to text on the metro.
7:54 AM
Getting off the metro. I love that malcolm x is right next to the metro stop.
7:58 AM
At the school!
8:10 AM
..getting my things together for burst.
8:15 AM
First circle and now morning greeting :)
8:20 AM
I love when my kids are so excited to see me and yell miss charlotte!
8:28 AM
A lot of the kids are excited about their field trip to the national zoo.
8:32 AM
All the kids are getting excited about star fish opening day on thursday!
8:43 AM
Walking upstairs with my third grade class to get the school day started.
8:50 AM
The kids are putting up their coats and backpacks before the morning announcements by our principal.
9:12 AM
I am taking one of my kids to take the BAS exams bc he was sick last week when his class took them.
9:42 AM
My kids are learning about prefixes.
10:07 AM
In my planning time, working on things for travel club that focuses on the midwest :)
11:03 AM
Now i am going outside with my kids to the free dental bus.
11:38 AM
Helping my third graders write about things they do with their families!
12:04 PM
My kids are participating in DEAR...Drop Everything And Read!
12:32 PM
Down at lunch with my lunch club for fifty acts of leadership!
12:46 PM
We finished our lunch club and now we are on our way to recess!
12:50 PM
Jump rope! 'Cinderella dressed in yellow...'
12:56 PM
Recess is over... It was too short :(
1:02 PM
Time for my lunch! I am starving after seeing all the kids eat.
1:29 PM
Done with lunch, getting my burst materials together for tutoring.
2:03 PM
I just finished my first burst group and am about to start my second group.
2:26 PM
Done with my last burst tutoring group. Headed back up to my room.
3:15 PM
Taking my third graders to aftercare!
3:35 PM
Starting power hour... Working on time tables and prefixes.
4:35 PM
Snack time for the kids... Apple juice and blueberry muffins :)
4:53 PM
Snack is finishing up and we are getting ready for starfish!
5:01 PM
Unity rally chant to get ready for star fish opening day practice!
5:05 PM
I love when our kids do pt!...They love foot fires.
5:28 PM
We just ran through opening day practice for star fish. I am so excited for it!
5:40 PM
Done with star fish playing duck duck goose waiting for their parents to pick them up..
5:45 PM
Second circle time!
5:59 PM
Saying one last bye to my kids and walking to the metro after a long day... So tired!

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