Friday, November 6, 2009

My First Day of Service: Chris M.

As I walked into school on my first day of service, nerves shot through my body. I was starting my year of service with the kids and teacher I will be with for the coming year. I wanted to start my teaching and mentoring off on the right foot. After I met with my fellow city year teammates, I went to homeroom 219 where I would change the world one student at a time.

My teacher immediately began her lesson as I walked around helping my 1st grade students with their reading and writing. They gave me the same respect as the homeroom teacher and I will now be referred as Mr. Chris in the classroom. I was assigned a group of six children to read a story with and then would proceed to ask questions on what they read afterwards. Next I went to lunch and was given prep time for our after school program. I helped out on the yard, facilitated games and advocated the importance of sportsmanship. When I came back in the classroom, the kids were loud and rowdy. I learned quickly some of the disciplining techniques from my homeroom teacher. I helped out with the math lesson for the next two hours. We discussed the value of pennies and nickels. The bell rang and the kids filed downstairs where some left and others stayed for snack and for the after school program.

The after school program consists of a power hour where we work on homework and other academic activities and then ended with some baseball practice out on the yard. 5:45 came and my team got together for a quick debrief and then headed out for the day. It was a long and tiring day, but knew I had a good fit with my teacher and class and could definitely see my value and that my work will really help some of these young students.

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