Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Jacket Ceremory

The red jacket symbolizes a year-long, full-time commitment our corps members make to service, ideals, and goals larger than themselves. Each time we put on the uniform, we become representatives of citizen service, AmeriCorps, National Youth Service, and City Year. Along with wearing the red jacket proudly and professionally, there comes the responsibility of representing City Year and being a role model to others. Every year, before Opening Day, where corps members officially pledge 10 months of service, we hold a ceremony in which we dedicate or rededicate our red jacket to those who inspire us to serve.

"I rededicate my red jacket to my soon to be born baby girl, who gives me a new admiration for the work we do to improve the lives of children."
-Audra, Staff Member

"I rededicate my red jacket to the kids I served last year and to my fellow senior corps members who will support me throughout this year."
-Katie, Senior Corps Member

"I dedicate my red jacket to my siblings with the hope that they grow up in a more service orientated world. And for my grandfather who passed and was so proud of what I am doing."
-Janae, Corps Member

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