Monday, July 18, 2011


As of July 1st, 2011 City Year Washington, DC has offically entered into Fiscal Year 2012. With the beginning of the new year we are getting ready to welcome a whole new set of young idealists into our City Year family. 170 young idealists to be exact. We had a chance to meet some of them a few weeks ago and chat about somethings they were looking forward to during their 10 months of service. We are so happy they are excited and can't wait to meet all of them! Here are just a few things they are excited about:

“Working with Children again and Making a Difference”

- Trey from Birmingham, AL

“Community Service and working with Students”

- Sheri from Glenmore, PA

“ Working with the Kids”

-Stephanie from Washington, DC

“Getting Involved in the City”

-Samson from Arlington, VA

“Creating Programs and Meeting Students”

-Brittany from Bowie, MD

“Meeting New People”

-Anthony from Herndon, VA

“Making an impact on others lives”

-Shameka from Hattsville, MD

“Getting to know the students and getting them excited about School”

-Albert from Antipolo, Philippines

“ Meeting new people and seeing tangible improvements within the community”

-Brittany from Los Angeles, CA

“Meeting a diverse group of peers”

-Andrea from Washington, DC

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