Friday, April 1, 2011

Simon says: Inspiration through service

Below is a segment from the most recent blog post in the Simon Says series from our  sponsors at the Case Foundation. We are so pround of the work the Case Foundation Team at Simon Elementary school and so lucky to have the Case Foundation as their Team Sponsor.  

Robin Alvarado is eighteen years old and from Burlington, North Carolina. She graduated high school this past May and plans on attending Kennesaw State University in Georgia this upcoming fall.

Inspiration is the reason why you whole heartedly do things or believe in a certain idea. Inspiration is something not everyone experiences, and it’s possible to go through life uninspired, but influenced by others and society. People can confuse the two, but they are both very different. Inspiration is something you build your life around, and it changes your life and molds you as a person. My life has been inspired by my family, and everything I do can relate back to them. I am inspired to enter the field of social work, so that I can help children and teens live out their dreams. My dream has already started through the service I do with City Year at Simon Elementary School. Click here to read the full article.

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