Friday, April 15, 2011

Preparing Our Minds and Bodies For a Powerful Day of Service

If you were around Franklin Square in Washington, DC this morning you may have seen 140 young idealists in red jackets doing light calisthenics and chants. What you were witnessing is called PT, or Physical Training. PT is the physical representation of the spirt, discipline, purpose and pride City Year corps members display each and everyday in their schools and with their students.

PT is done two Fridays a month to engage the community around us and prepare our minds and bodies for a powerful day of service.

According to City Year Washington, DC Program Manager, and City Year Washington, DC Alumni Neils Ribeiro-Yemofio "It is better than any cup of coffee you could ever drink to wake up in the morning"

Next time you see City Year Washington, DC doing PT stop by to say hello and join in the fun!

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