Friday, March 4, 2011

Simon says: What it means to be a leader

Our team sponsor  The Case Foundation will be highlighting the experiences of their team at Simon Elementary School on The Case Foundation Blog. Below is just a little taste....

Picture it, Simon Elementary School, where seven young leaders take on the challenge of improving the community by engaging in service and creating a positive school climate for the students. These seven were hand-picked and agreed to take on such a momentous challenge. Draped in their Red City Year jackets they go out to impact the community with their positive can-do attitudes and passion for service. Every morning at 8 a.m. they show up at Simon Elementary, fired up for a day of fulfilling service.....
My name is Corey Townsend and I am currently one of the seven young leaders at Simon. We are not here to change the world but to impact as many children as we can. Many of our students have behavior issues that we work to improve through tutoring, mentoring, and coaching. One of my students, let's call him Student X, had a bad attitude and work ethic. After a couple months of one-on-one tutoring with him and hours of counseling, he has learned to focus and be calm in certain situations. Student X has even improved in his test scores with the DC BAS and has moved up a skill level!

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