Monday, March 21, 2011

Heroes 101: A Recap

By Alex Gebhart, corps member serving at Spingarn High School

What a wild three weeks of service! The Young Heroes have been busy for the past few weeks making a difference in their communities and providing service to the DC Area. Here is a quick recap for you:

After a two week break, the Heroes came back with a whirlwind service day of “Our Decisions around Drugs and Alcohol.” The teams discussed the dangers of drug use and abuse, their insights into it, and did a variety of service projects, including making videos encouraging others to make smart choices around drugs and alcohol. The day was very positive and I am proud of the Young Heroes for their service.

The next week was focused on “Experiencing Homelessness,” where activities and service were focused around having the Young Heroes understand what it could be like to experience homelessness, to educate the Heroes about homelessness, and to really understand how to serve the homeless community.

The most recent week was focused on “Valuing our Different Abilities.” We discussed how people can be differently abled, learned about the challenges of receiving assistance while disabled, and participated in activities that gave us a brief look into what people with disabilities have to think about while interacting in society. Our service during the day was great! My team and I went to the National Children’s Center to participate in games and activities with people with special needs. It was great watching the Heroes interact and spend time with the people there.
Like I said, it’s been a powerful few weeks of service, but there’s more to come!

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