Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet The "Big" Browne Team

By Gabi Cabido Carr, corps member serving on the Comcast Team at Browne Education Campus

 As previously mentioned, this year City Year is lucky enough to have two Comcast Teams serving at Browne Education Campus. We have “Little Browne” who serves grades 1-6 (check out Tuesday’s post to see the great work they are doing) and “Big Browne” who serves grades 7 and 8. Each of these two teams come to school each day with creative ideas, and a plethora of energy to keep the students' minds working and engaged throughout the day.

At Big Browne, there is an open door policy in the City Year room. Students are coming in and out of the room, and you are bound to see one on one tutoring going on at multiple hours of the day. There is no doubt that the students at the Browne Education Campus have great respect for their City Year corps member and all that they do. The team focuses on in class support, but instead of proving support in just one classroom they follow the students throughout the day. They focus on specific students providing them with in and out of class support in all subjects ranging from English to Math. Besides Big Browne’s everyday support, they have attendance and behavior initiatives each day to interact with the students and give them incentives do well throughout the school year. They recently started a VIP breakfast club where they bring select students up to the City Year room and play games, listen to music, and make breakfast, in an effort to reward positive attendance, behavior and coursework.

As another in school initiative  Big Browne is also in the midst of organizing details for their afterschool program called the “Talented Tenth”. This will be an opportunity to reach each of their students beyond the school day, and provide a structured yet fun option for the student’s afterschool. They will do homework and learn about important people, places and things of our world.

Big Browne continuously strives to make each day for these students count. They work through the ups and the downs and come to work each and everyday with a smile on their face ready to make a change. Jeffrey, Kendra, Ranita, Frances, Mel, Matt, and Blake are getting things done, not only for the Browne Education Campus community, but for America as well.

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