Monday, December 20, 2010


By Gabby Fish, Corps Member serving at Stanton Elementary School

Friday was the last day at school before winter break. We are now about to embark on our winter break and two whole weeks not at school. Two Whole Weeks

Two whole weeks without getting my own personal morning greeting from my favorite four year olds who I work with in after school

Two whole weeks without getting the tightest toughest hugs from my students, the ones where he never wants to let go

Two whole weeks without students telling me on a Monday morning he can’t wait to write about what he did this weekend, and he can’t wait for me to read it

Two whole weeks without students and I sitting down with a whiteboard and two markers learning to recognize numbers

Two whole weeks without students following me around the school and me begging her to go back to class

Two whole weeks without taking a child up to the Dean’s Office, breaking up a fight, or bringing a class out to recess

Two whole weeks without a lunch club, without aftercare, without ‘Breakfast for the Brain,’ without math and literacy blocks, without my favorite teachers

Two whole weeks without “I love you Miss Gabby”

Two whole weeks without my team.

I should be looking forward to a break, right? But thinking about two weeks outside of City Year, I know now more than ever why I serve.

I serve because of the students whom I love, whose futures I am impacting in ways I can only imagine. I serve because I know one day my first graders will really be the Class of 2026, college graduates and future leaders of their communities. I serve because, even with all the ups and downs and everywhere in between, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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