Saturday, January 8, 2011

Putting Idealism to Work #79

By Alex Gebhart, corps member serving at Springarn High School.

PITW # 79:

“It’s Never What We Say, It’s Always What We Do.”

This is how leaders are judged.

 This P.I.T.W speaks to me because I always strive to make action my major method of change. In fact, my need to take action is the main reason I chose to do a City Year.  City Year is organized to be an “Action Tank,” meaning that we can get results and build support by demonstrating them. By using our deeds instead of just words, we prove that each and every corps member is useful to the children and communities we serve. Yes, how we are heard in our service matters, but it is our actions and presence that we make that will have a lasting impact. I know that once I am done with City Year, my words and name will evaporate quickly, but the results of my service will last much longer.

2010-2011 Washington, DC Corps gathers after Unity Rally on the steps of the Mayor's Office Building

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