Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Corps Members Give Thanks For Each Other

Jon Ragsdale, Corps Member serving at Winston Education Campus

I got off the escalator at a Metro station and a blast of cold air greeted. Winter was here and it was early in the morning. Not the best start to the day, but almost instantly my outlook change. An Express Newspaper Courier told me (and I am paraphrasing), "We’re all real proud of you guys for giving up a year to help our kids."

I truly am thankful for the opportunity to serve with National Service Organization like City Year, and it is a true joy to hear someone tell you the impact you are having on your community.

 We also received an email a last week from a City Year Corps Member serving with City Year San Antonio which speaks to the great impact that Corps Members are making in the community. It reads:

I was born in DC and have since moved around the metro area. I joined City Year because I really wanted to make a positive impact and help change the negative things I experienced or witnessed growing up. I graduated from high school in Montgomery County this past June, so I still have a lot of friends who are in school in/around the areas you work in. I'm sure there is less than 6 degrees of separation between the majority of us.

I've been hearing a lot about the great progress you all are making and just want to say THANK YOU for everything you guys are doing. It means so much to me to know there is a team of people dedicated to helping those who are my friends and family. When I hear the statistical projections, it is so much more than a number to me. It's more than attendance records or diplomas because I know the lives you are impacting and what these accomplishments mean for the future.

The other week my friend was murdered and I was so disheartened with the circumstance. A couple of days later, however, the same friend who informed me of the murder, told me she saw someone with our uniform on the metro. She was so impressed with the long hours this CM was putting forth and I hadn't even started to explain what those long hours entail.

Your mere presence makes a difference. You all mean SO MUCH to me and many others. Keep up the great work !

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