Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Putting Idealism to Work # 127


Embrace Change!

City Year is always changing, like sand beneath our feet. That’s good. Learn to love change. Change is what keeps the organization moving forward. The ancient Greek idea of torsos is at work at City Year: a boat is at sea, and to survive the journey without docking the boat, the crew must fix and replace every board, one at a time, while at sea; by the time the boat returns to the harbor, it is a completely different boat; but of course, it is the same boat. Every year there is new change to be embraced- the growth of the corps, new locations, and new ideas!

Thoughts from Brendan Ori Corps Member serving at Kimball Elementary School:

The people in my life know that in the face of difficulty, adversity, and change, my advice and attitude has always been simply to “embrace it.” Anyone, everyone, and I, regardless of circumstance, should just embrace it. It appeared to those who know me best that I was using “embrace it” as a sort of running joke. However, I knew deep down that there was more truth to it than I could ever explain. PITW #127 Embrace Change! is my favorite because it put into words what I truly believe. Every single one of our Corps Members finds themselves in the midst of change- new job, new school, new friends, new attitudes, and new home. By embracing these changes, you fully allow yourself to buy into the service that we perform. Those who fight change are going to struggle and many opportunities for growth and success will pass them. The ones who embrace this change are the ones who make a difference, grow individually, and have the best experience possible.

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